There is a cost for everything, we choose not to hide ours

All financial advice, from all advisers, costs money.

Transparency is key to good relationships with any professional adviser, that’s why we publish all advice costs on our website.

We’re often asked how our costs compare. We expect there is always someone who will lower their cost and do it cheaper and there are some who are very expensive. We know how much it costs us to provide professional, credible and consistent advice and we offer excellent value for money. This is proven by existing clients who keep coming back and refer us to friends and relatives.

We’re not sure why professional services such as financial advisers, solicitors and accountants choose not to give an indication of costs on their websites. We’ve yet to meet any who work for free.

Only you can speculate why other advisers wait until you ask them, or until they get the chance to meet you face to face to disclose the cost.

We offer a no cost no obligation initial consultation. This allows you to make your own informed decision and give us the opportunity to demonstrate how we can improve your financial situation.

Tier Level Investable Amounts     Costs
Tier 1 £0 – £100,000        2%*
Tier 2 £100,000 and above        1%*

For the vast majority of clients there are no other initial costs involved in the advice we offer. No commission, no buying or selling costs, no dealing costs, no bid offer spreads or initial charges. If there are any other costs we will tell you at the earliest opportunity and confirm them in writing, in advance of any decisions you make.

*A sliding scale applies, meaning the relevant percentage is applied progressively throughout each tier, subject to a minimum cost of £750 and a maximum of £10,000.

For example

Investing £200,000 means the first £100,000 at 2% with the remaining £100,000 at 1% giving a total cost of £3,000.

Investing £30,000 means a cost of 2% equalling £600. As this is less than the minimum cost the total initial costs will be £750.

For our ongoing service the cost is 0.75% per annum of the value of your investment or pension portfolio. Please be aware there will be other ongoing costs from fund managers and providers. The cost of these will depend on the level of risk and the individual portfolios recommended. All costs will be provided in writing in advance of any decision you make.

All costs can be paid separately by invoice or deducted from your new or existing investment or pension fund. The choice is yours.

If you would like to deal with a business that’s upfront and honest from the start, give us a call on 01555 673861