Drawdown Pension Income Options

We help you make better, more informed choices and aim to create the income and lifestyle you want in retirement.

Pension Drawdown Advice

Retirement is about having the income and lifestyle you want, not just accepting the pension you’re offered from your existing pension.

We prepare interactive Retirement Cash Flow Forecasts showing what your income, expenditure and existing savings can be expected to look like from year to year for the rest of your life.

We show how large spending decisions you might want to make now, or in the future affect your income and financial position. Plans such as, special holidays, replacing cars, home improvements, gifts to family, even downsizing your home are included in the forecasts. We also build in the effect of tax, inflation, the uncertainty of low interest rates and investment returns.

You can see how each decision you make affects your monthly income and remaining savings. This helps you work out what is affordable and realistic. You are then in a position to make better, more informed decisions on the sustainability of your retirement income choices and spending plans.

Our service is designed around you, helping to give you the confidence that your retirement income is secure for you and your spouse or partner. Plus helping you understand how you can potentially leave a legacy for your family.

Taxation is based on your individual circumstances. The value of investments can go up and down and you may not get back the full amount invested.



If you are approaching retirement or have recently retired and would like to find out more, please give us a call or send an email.

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