Corporate Planning

At Adelp we know you’ve worked hard, taken risks and made sacrifices to build up your business. That’s why we have developed a range of audits designed to protect and enhance the wealth locked into your business.

Independent Financial Advice for Business

The Exit Audit

This gives you more of your own money back to spend as wisely or as frivolously as you want when you decide it’s time to sell up.

Extracting the value from your business needs to be properly planned many years in advance. Simply selling up for the best price and drawing the funds can trigger increased tax liabilities in the year you sell up. It can also bring new tax liabilities such as Inheritance Tax into play. Advance profit extraction planning can prevent this. We develop and build bespoke Profit Extraction Plans to make use of various allowances to delay, reduce or remove your tax liability.

The Succession Planning Audit

Effective Succession planning means the value or control of the business will always remain with the right people.

The Succession Planning Audit ensures the business will always have sufficient funds to buy out the shares or interests of their fellow directors or partners at a fair and pre-agreed value.

This is often required at short notice due to the serious ill health or death of a direct or partner. The seriously ill director or surviving family get an immediate cash lump equivalent to their fair share of the business. The remaining directors immediately gain the shares or value of the business. Plus they have no further liability to the seriously ill or deceased director’s family. Importantly they also have no risk of interference from well meaning, inexperienced surviving relatives, who may be full of great ideas for the business.

The Continuity Audit

Provides the finance needed to allow the business to bounce back and carry on trading whatever happens. Funds are put in place to repay debts in the event of the death or ill health of a director or partner. It can also provide an income stream to compensate for loss of profit or cash flow issues which might arise. Most business can get through the ill health of a director or key employee for a short period, but longer term it can cause significant disruption to your business. A bigger issue is the unexpected death of a director or key employee. Effective continuity planning ensures the business has a plan in place to make sure it can get through these difficult times

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