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This is what our clients think

Michael is very attentive and responds to our expressed wishes. His advice has been excellent enabling our investments to achieve better returns.”
Mr & Mrs Duff

Michael McLintock offers sound, tailored truly independent financial advice. Every investment opportunity is fully explained and followed up with further explanatory written proposals and worked examples. Possible risks are fully explained and discussed in detail. Michael always provides an up to date written financial statement for my investment portfolio. Michael is a financial adviser I would have no difficulty in recommending to family and friends.
Mr Alan Forsyth FRICS

Michael McLintock has been my financial advisor for 5 years 8 months. During this time he has grown my wealth far and above my best expectations, therefore I am exceptionally delighted by his expertise and service. I am 100% confident in his ability to give the best possible independent advice. Michael is always available, reliable, trustworthy and professional. Thanks to Michael I am now financially independent and can relax and enjoy life knowing my finances are expertly managed.
Mrs E Robertson

Michael is a very pleasant man. He is good at his job and if I don’t understand anything he will explain it. He has put my money in place so that I don’t have to pay tax. He gives me correspondence for everything he does.
Mrs R A MacKintosh

A pleasant, trustworthy, highly professional individual who is willing to explain in laymans terms anything you need further details on. All options with ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ are explained so that you can make the decision that is best for you.

“I have been happy to consider, select and accept Michael’s detailed advice in setting up my portfolio of investments and to date have found no cause for regrets about the advice and guidance which he has been at pains to explain to me in detail and in terms that I can understand in the complexities of the financial markets.
I look forward to an ongoing and successful association with him and wish him well.”
Mr Ron Cattell

Michael is reliable and has given us very good advice. We would give him 10 out of 10 as an IFA.
Mr & Mrs Allan

“Michael has patiently explained to us the options available and the strategy he has proposed. He appears to have considerable knowledge of financial markets and options for investments. He’s always punctual, smart, patient and attentive to our requirements.


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